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Mobile App Technology Trends of 2023

With around 6.3 billion users glued to their smartphones, it is no surprise that the mobile app industry is growing. Though this is a pretty accurate estimate, the user base of the smartphone and Mobile App Development industries is still growing at a steady pace. With each new Android and iOS update, the mobile app development industry evolves. With such a large user base, we can expect great new tech trends to emerge in 2023.

Are you eager to learn about the upcoming trends? So without further ado, let’s talk about the expected upcoming mobile app development trends in 2023.

Beacon Technology:

Introduced in 2013, Beacon Technology is becoming very popular in proximity marketing, and this technology seems to keep growing in the upcoming years.

It is a small wireless device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to transmit signals to nearby devices. When a device comes into the beacon range, it sends a push notification to the device about an event happening near them. This technology is used by many businesses to increase their foot traffic.

In retail stores, beacon technology is used to gather the time and location details of the customers to create an in-depth analysis of customer behavior, assisting retailers to improve the customer experience and create campaigns.

The prediction made by Statista is that, with its current annual growth rate of almost 60%, the market value of Beacon will reach $56.6 billion by 2026.

Wearables/Apps for Wearables:


The market value of wearables is growing at crazy rates. Watches, earphones, smart devices, and some clothing articles are known as wearables. These devices can be used for many tasks, such as tracking your activities, picking up calls, replying to text messages, and many more. Besides being wearables, these are all devices, therefore, we need applications to operate them. Over the years, the technology for wearables has evolved exponentially, as has its user base. According to an estimate by Statista, the number of connected wearable devices grew from 325 million in 2016 to 722 million users in 2019. The report further states that this number will reach up to 1 billion users by the end of 2022.

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Apps for Foldable Devices:

Nowadays, apps are available for almost all devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, and even foldable devices. This is because app developers are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage with their users. Many features have been included in these apps that can help people enjoy their devices even more.

For instance, Apps for Foldable Devices offer a great level of features. The user can now open multiple tabs instead of just two, which allows them to leverage the full potential of their devices. These apps are designed to work with a wide range of screen sizes and orientations and are appropriate while the device is folded and unfolded. Even playing games on foldable devices is now so much fun; users can now play games on a much larger screen while on the go.

Edge Computing:

A few years ago, the only way to create an application was through cloud-based computing. However, in recent years, the cloud-based data infrastructure has faced hurdles and difficulties due to the wide usage of Mobile Applications. Some applications encountered cloud computing latency. Therefore, edge computing was made to address these issues.

Edge computing takes place at the edge of the network, near the data source, rather than at the central data source. This idea makes edge computing more dependable and less delayed for self-driving cars, IoT devices, drones, etc. Many businesses are developing edge-compatible products in order to benefit from a smooth and fast application running while reducing latency. 


The term Mobile Commerce was originally coined in 1997 by Kevin Duffey at the launch of the Global Mobile Commerce Forum. It means the delivery of commerce to consumers by using Wireless technology. 

We have noticed a significant shift in lifestyle after the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers as well as businesses around the world have started relying on Mobile Applications for selling and buying products online. The idea of m-commerce is very comforting to customers, which is the main reason we can see a hike in the e-commerce and m-commerce markets.

Keeping this hike in mind, Statista predicted that the m-commerce market will account for around 73% of the market shares of the global eCommerce market by the year 2022, making m-commerce a rising trend in 2023.

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The world is constantly evolving and getting online at a speed that no one has ever witnessed before. With this many mobile applications available on the market, how are you going to provide your customers with the value that they are seeking while downloading an app? The answer is right in front of you.

In this mobile-centric world, the only way to survive or stay competitive is by staying current with the trends. Integrating the current trends into your new mobile app or refining your existing app.

7 Essential Website Design Elements

Your Website is one of the most crucial components of your brand’s online presence. Therefore, it is important that the design is right. It’s important to keep your audience in mind when designing your website. It should be user-friendly and should ensure a good user experience.

After 2020, the world changed and businesses were forced to go online. From buying groceries to transferring funds online, people use websites for everything. Therefore, since websites are being used on such a large scale, one should pay attention to the below-discussed elements; otherwise, your competitors are just a few clicks away.

There are many elements defining the success of your website. However, there are a few elements that have more impact than others, which will be discussed in this blog.

Key Elements of Web Designing

  1. Layout and Visuals
  2. Color Scheme and Typography
  3. Content & Content Hierarchy
  4. Navigation
  5. Speed Optimization
  6. User Experience
  7. Device Compatibility
  1. Layout and Visuals

The layout and visuals of a website are some of the most important elements that should be taken care of. Your website sets the first impression of your brand. Hence, it should be attractive enough to wow your potential customers. The layout of your website should be simple, clean, and engaging. It should draw attention to the most important components of your website.

Users take only 50 milliseconds to form a perception of your website, and they will decide whether to stay or leave. The layout and visuals of your website help engage your clients, and should therefore be uniform throughout the website to improve the user experience of the website

2. Color Scheme and Typography

The combination of the right color scheme and Typography can help you have a great impact on the audience. The right use of typography and color scheme can also help your site create a strong first impression on your audience.

While the right colors can grab your audience and create a pleasing environment for them, the right typography increases the readability of the content. Besides making your website interesting and engaging, the use of particular colors and typography can become your unique brand identity.

3. Content and Content Hierarchy

We can’t neglect the importance of the content for the website. This is what your customers seek on your website. The information on your website should not only be easy to understand, but the content should also be contextual and relatable to the clients. The content is also referred to as the backbone of the website. It plays an important role in search engine placement.

Creating Quality content plays an important role in the success of your website. However, the content placement or the content hierarchy helps you keep the website more interesting and engaging.

4. Navigation

Remember the first rule for website design? Yes, the layout. It should be simple. Similarly, the navigation should also be simple. The information on your website should be easy to find; otherwise, it will be frustrating for the audience, and hence, you will lose a potential customer.

There are many places where you can be creative with your website, but navigation is not one of them. The navigation should be free of any overly confusing areas that can be frustrating and hard for the user to navigate.

5. Speed Optimization

Most website owners work so hard on designing and creating a great UI for their website that they often neglect one of the things that the internet is famous for, being instant. While the website owner is trying to provide the audience with what they want, their users bounce somewhere else as their site takes too long to load.

Web page optimization should be the top priority of any website owner to reduce their bounce rate, because no joke, the audience won’t wait for your website to load. Google provides a tool named Google PageSpeed Insights that allows you to see how well your website speed is optimized.

6. User Experience

User Experience is one of the major factors that determine the success or failure of a product, or in this case, a website. The user experience is not determined by only one factor but by various factors combined. It means how the user or your audience perceives the website and the content available. Several factors affect the user experience, but the key factors are:

  • Desirable
  • Useful
  • Findable
  • Valuable
  • Credible
  • Usable
  • Accessible

While there are many underlying factors, the following are the most common ones that determine the user experience on a website.

7. Device Compatibility

First-generation websites were designed for desktops and were built to accommodate monitors. However, with the rise of mobile phones, things have changed now. It means that traffic will now come from different sources rather than a single source (i.e., desktop).

According to the latest study conducted by Statista, around 58.99% of the overall traffic comes from mobile phones. This means that if your website is not compatible with different platforms and devices, then chances are that you will lose your valuable audience after a few clicks.

Designing a good website is sufficient and should be taken seriously. Your website is responsible for creating a lasting impression on your audience. It can also help you generate leads and get more conversions.

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SEO Services In Pakistan

Do you want 1st position in Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing? Do you need the company that will draw your graph to 90 degrees angle? Want to increase sales and leads in the shortest time frame? SEO is the optimal solution and the best option for any digital marketing.

It enhances the performance of business activity on various social media platforms & search engines. This helps drive more traffic to your website through search engine optimization. Through SEO a Company can boost 1000+ audiences at one time.

 You never know how much SEO Company plays an integral part in your business. You don’t have to do anything or invest in certain assets for boosting or promoting your business. In this modern age, Digital marketing has a wide range of services that will push you up in the blink of any eye. In which the SEO Services is top of the line.

Let’s know about how SEO works and how your website will show up on the first result page of Google. But before that learn more about SEO.

What are SEO Services?

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization that is consists of the action, strategies, and efforts to rank the website position at the top of the result page. SEO is comprised of two types. The one type is On-page content that is done through keyword optimization to set the specific keyword to drag the targeted audience on it. The way to control your website is through on-page content.

On the other hand, the off-page that will work as the marketing of your website blogs and articles on other backlinks and off-site platforms like Instagram, social media, Facebook, etc. the backlinks will work like the promotional content of your website to improve the traffic on your website.

In other words, anything is done on another website to rank your website through links. The successful implementation of the SEO Service will lead you toward goal hunting.

The Importance Of SEO Company In Your Business?

Now the key is in your hand to unlock the door of your success by hiring the best SEO Company. Who will assist you on the Google result page on the top? So that more traffic could reach you. Availing SEO Services will give you more clicks and generate traffic to your website. Without SEO it is difficult to manage your website to rank up. Or you are hard to find on the internet in the search bar.

The SEO Company will give you the ease of getting sales day by day and earn huge profits monthly. Whether your website is small or big, new or old SEO will play a vital role in bumping your business to success. It is the best option for individual companies too.

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Mobile Application Development Services

If you want to get the advantages of mobile technology for business. Our best Mobile App Developers are at your service. In any industry, Mobile App Development is important for the better engagement of customers. To achieve this goal, you must have a safe and secure mobile app. This is impossible without it.

The app must have positive experiences. ATRULE Technologies provides highly reliable mobile solutions. These solutions enrich your business. We provide you with the best Mobile Application development services for android and IOS. This service enables you to reach your customers on their favorite devices.

IOS Mobile Development

People nowadays love iPhone very much. And now the number of those who use IOS is increasing day by day. There is very little software that runs in IOS. But now there is no need to worry about that because we provide you with the best and unique solution for this. We develop IOS apps for iPhones and IPads.

We use the flutter framework & dart programming language. Our developers develop apps according to apple’s development tools and guidelines. Our Hybrid Mobile Application Development team develops IOS Apps & Android APPs and works with the most popular environment & frameworks.

The software and applications developed by us are guaranteed to have stability, security, and high performance. Our IOS mobile applications can easily be updated to the new IOS version without any issues.

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Android App Development

We can develop any type of application for androids. From starting android was easy to use and to run most of the applications. So we can develop any kind of app for the use of android.

This is the reason that most business owners prefer android for business purposes. We know how to create a more reliable and secure app for android. We use Android SDK, java & kotlin to make apps more secure.

We Care About Your Security

The main thing for mobile development is security. Because if your data is not safe then you are at risk of loss. It is important to keep safe personal and business information. As well as to protect business documents and provide safe access authentication.

Our expert developers keeping in mind the security factor provide two-factor authentication over apps. Besides this, we provide a privacy policy by which you can manage the access of users and employees to your application.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Services

As professional developers, we know in this business, you need to log in to your account or your application to a new device. So we create applications that work not only in android but also in IOS. because of this, you can log in to your application on any other device even if it is android or IOS.

Fast Launching

In today’s world, time is of the essence for everyone. That’s why all the users expect that result should be instantly delivered. Our experts provide the best applications having the feature of fast launching. And give a result with high speed. The speed of applications also varies over the device versions. The device with a higher version launches much faster than the lower version.


Normally, a user spent about 3-4 hours daily on mobile. At this time if the user faces some serious issues in using applications, he will become tired and get a negative mind about the application. But our developed applications provide you with the smoothest ever experience. We give the priority to serving you. We perfectly manage the bugs and unnecessary errors.

Extra Features In Mobile Development

Our ATRULE team provides you with some more beneficial developments. We can develop any kind of application according to the requirements of the customer. we can easily develop such applications that in case of any unauthorized access you will get an alert.

So this is the most satisfying feature to be in safe hands. Sometimes it happens that the requirements and the results of the application don’t match.  So to resolve this issue, before developing the application we create a demo app to show to our customers.

The customers look at its interphase and judge it. After seeing this, all the worries of the customer are removed. We focus on striking a balance between app design and functionality. Our Expert Developers make sure that the app looks and the functions deliver a positive user experience.

After developing an application, we are always responsible for further updates and improvements to your application. By the passage of time if there is any need of adding new features to the application will do it ourselves. 

Why You Should Choose ATRULE?

Since ATRULE specializes in both local and cross-platform mobile development. We can offer the best solution for your specific and difficult situations. We always find the right balance in price, quality, and project requirements.

Atrule Technologies is the leading Software House in Pakistan with hundreds of satisfied customers all over the World. We have the best Developers working in a professional environment.