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Payments Integration

Payments integration project allows the organization to support various clients to accept different payment methods from customers by providing support for various payment gateways.


High Tech Payroll

High Tech Payroll system provides an easy solution to payroll related worries of an organization. This is a desktop application that can help in maintaining the employee’s data in organization and also maintaining the financial balance of the company.


Barkah Time Tracker

The time tracking application is a must application for software houses to track the performance of employees. This allows the management to assess how the time is spent by employees in computer.

ABS Point of Sale

ABS restaurant POS management software is the most trusted, secure, reliable and affordable point of sale solution available.


Kayako Helpdesk (KSTATS)

Kayakohelpdesk provides excellent insights and guides the management and developers throughout the life cycle of projects in organization. It manages the software projects by assigning statuses to tickets, outlining which tickets need the most attention today, so that the projects continue to be completed in their timelines.



Allows easier website development for novice users to manage the content of the website. It’s like a UI tool for designing the websites, that allows to change the content of your website by giving you full control over the content.

Mercedes Benz Point of Sale (MBPOS)

Mercedes Benzwanted a Point of Sale (MBPOS) applicationthathasweb and iPAD versions for assisting Mercedes Benz dealers across the China region to sell cars and optimize car dealers’ productivity and sales.


Doreh.com (Doreh)

Doreh.com is a Persian social network like Facebook. With more than a million users, It is popular in Iran and other Persian speaking people across the globe.


Axima Online

AximaOnline is an SEO product for link building, articles and content generation for websites.


Whole-Sales Retail system

Whole-Sales Retail store system allows shopkeepers and retailers to track the sales, purchases, daily ledgers and lots of daily tasks in business to optimize the performance and increase sales.Detailed ledgers and reporting maximize the performance of system and adds great productivity for various salesmen via LAN connectivity.